The adventure begins!

We are a mother and daughter writing team, hailing from New Mexico. Welcome to our blog!

We chose this blogging format to document and share the story of our adventures in gluten free living. After our diagnosis of gluten intolerance almost two years ago (2007), we naturally experimented with converting our most favorite family recipes into gluten free versions. Initially there were just as many failures as successes. Eventually, the successes won and a book was birthed titled “A Celebration of Gluten Free Baking.”

So many of our family members and friends, while extremely sympathetic to our journey, could not see themselves adopting a gluten free lifestyle. Most had just experimented with gluten free flour blends and/or prepared mixes,which is fine and works with some recipes, but generally, the results were less than spectacular. We started along those routes ourselves, but quickly learned, that, for the most part, the more delicate European desserts and breads only resulted in failure. Most of our desserts have been adapted using ‘recipe specific proportions’ of gluten free flour options. None of our recipes involve the use of white sugar, soy, corn, bean flour or excessive amounts of starch.

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Inge and Gillian


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