Bakery on Main Product Review

Bakery on Main

A few weeks ago, when shopping at our local Vitamin Cottage, we were passing through the cereal isle, and came across something wonderful; a brand new gluten free granola from Bakery on Main. Life sometimes offers some interesting coincidences, as though our thoughts were picked up by the universe, and caught by someone at Bakery on Main. Anyway, they contacted us a short time later about writing an independent product review. Of course, we had to say yes. They forwarded us a few samples of their delicious products, which included: two Fiber Power Granola samples (triple berry granola, and cinnamon raisin granola),

Bakery on Main Product Review - Fiber Power Granola

three of their regular Gluten Free Granola samples (apple raisin walnut, extreme fruit and nut, nutty cranberry maple).

Bakery on Main Product Review - Gluten Free Granola

Along with this, they also sent us a selection of their various Granola Snack Bars, as well as the new “Soft and Chewy” bars.

Bakery on Main Product Review - Gluten Free Granola Bars

Bakery on Main Product Review

Before proceeding, please know that we receive absolutely no monetary compensation whatsoever for any of our reviews. We like to provide our readers with a completely fair and honest review, so whatever we write here is only a reflection of our own personal preferences. We always invite your commentary. Please share your experiences with this product, or any others, by commenting below.

Since we were unfamiliar with this company’s products, we naturally went online to check out their website ( We learned that they started in a small bakery inside a natural foods market on Main Street, in Glastonbury Connecticut. The company’s founder Michael Smulders, after listening to his celiac customers, thought that no one should have to suffer because of a food allergy, or other special dietary need, and made it his mission to create products that were healthy and tasted delicious.

Late in 2003, he walked through the store, gathered ingredients, and baked the first batch of granola that day. It would take nearly two years of testing and locating gluten free sources for his ingredients, and more importantly, to find a place where he could make all the products without any risk of cross-contamination. Fast forward three years and two bakeries later, their gluten free granola is now made in a 34,000 square foot facility, with state of the art quality controls. The plant is certified for gluten free production by GFCO and Kosher OU Parve. They are now located just a few miles down the road from their original beginnings, and they continue to bake all their products in small batches, reminiscent of their small bakery beginnings.

One fact that we really applaud this company for is their dedication to the celiac community, and their willingness to donate samples for celiac support group meetings, as well as their participation in every celiac event possible. They also provide funding to several celiac organizations, supporting research, awareness, and education.

So few gluten free companies place any emphasis on fiber or the use of whole grains. Worse yet, if they do, any flavor is completely lost. We tested both of the granola options (fiber power and regular gluten free) in the more traditional way of serving it with milk, in our case that means So Delicious Coconut Milk, as well as in a parfait with fruit and yogurt.

Bakery on Main Product Review - Fiber Power Granola

Bakery on Main Product Review

Without exception, all the granola varieties were truly delicious. Of course we all have favorites, we are no exception. Our personal favorites were the Fiber Power Triple Berry Granola, and the Gluten Free Nutty Cranberry Maple Granola. Those are just our personal favorites,  and take nothing away from the quality and taste of the rest of the samples. Please note, for those that are sensitive to corn, the standard Gluten Free Granolas do contain corn flakes, whereas the Fiber Power Granola does not. All of the granolas, however, are made with certified gluten free oats. Feel free to check out their website for more detailed information on their gluten free products.

Bakery on Main Product Review

Bakery on Main Product Review

The Soft and Chewy Granola Bars were also free of corn. The samples tested were the chocolate almond, apple cinnamon, and peanut butter and jelly. All were extremely delicious, soft and chewy as advertised, with the chocolate almond being a clear favorite. They would make a great snack food for any school lunch, sports activity, or road trip. Because they are so soft and tasty, they would most definitely be on the favorite list for many children, young and old  😉 .

The regular Gluten Free Granola Snack Bars do contain some corn, which is important to remember, however, they were also delicious, with a chewy and crunchy texture.  We tasted a sample of each variety, (cranberry maple nut, extreme trail mix, peanut butter chocolate), the favorite being the cranberry maple nut, although both the others, especially the peanut butter chocolate, were also extremely good. Wow, we really had some tough choices.

There was not a single sample of their products that we did not like.  We should mention that one of us happens to be extremely allergic to corn as well, and had to forgo those samples containing it.

We encourage you to give Bakery on Main products a try, and if your local store does not carry them yet, have their manager contact Bakery on Main on their website directly.

Let’s support a small American company that endeavors to support the celiac community.

Please share your personal experiences with these particular products by commenting below.

Bakery on Main Product Review


Ed. Note: We did not receive any monetary compensation for our review. This company did sent us some of their products asking us for our own unbiased review of them, but our opinions about them, are entirely our own.



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