Our latest book: In Celebration of the Season

A few days ago we mentioned that our brand new e-book would be available for download. A few minor, but very time consuming, if not gut wrenching, changes had to be made. Who knew that publishing for e-pub would be this challenging? Quite frankly, print book publishing is a snap in comparison. But we did it! Received the publishing  confirmation from Lulu earlier today, meaning it could still take a few more hours (hopefully not longer) for it to be available for purchase in either our Lulu store,  the iBookstore, or Nook store. We are ecstatic and incredibly relieved that at least the e-pub is completed. Now on to the finalization of the print and pdf versions.

To give you a little sneak preview, here is an image of the cover for

“In Celebration of the Season:

Simple, Creative Ideas for Beautiful Gluten Free Holidays All Through the Year.”

Keep an eye out for our newest “baby” on Lulu, iBooks and Barnes & Noble’s Nook store. Please give us feedback and remember to please “like” our books. Positive votes are especially welcome.

By the way, this week also marks our two year blog anniversary. Thank you to everybody who has followed our posts, commented and continues to enjoy and support our website. We have loved hearing from all of you and we look forward to more frequent posting, before the Holidays and in the New Year.

Wishing you all a Wonderful Holiday Season!


2 thoughts on “Our latest book: In Celebration of the Season

  1. Hello! I am writing because I love your website and I am actually in the process of launching my own. I was diagnosed with Celiac disease recently, and started http://www.glutenfreedomblog.com as a way to keep myself organized as well as meet other gluten free people, and share what I have learned. The official launch party is coming up, and I am trying to spread the word. Tons of companies, including Kinnikinnick, Lucy’s and Bob’s Red Mill are giving away free products during the launch! I am asking if you could help spread the word in any way, from tweeting, to writing about it, Facebook, etc. People, yourself included, are encouraged to subscribe by email or through Google friend connect ASAP to get in on the giveaways! Thanks in advance!

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