Gluten Free Halloween Treats

Gluten Free Halloween Treats - Mini Fruit Jellies

Around the end of October the weather begins to change. Halloween, the day when children everywhere don creative costumes to go hunting for treats arrives, and the seemingly normal next-door neighbor’s yard suddenly becomes strewn with cardboard head stones and fake spider webbing. But what to do when gluten is an issue?

As a child, the costume was definitely the biggest part of Halloween every year, far overshadowing the inevitable small pile of collected candy. Like most little kids, I would know weeks in advance what I wanted to be that year; a princess, a flower fairy, super girl, just to name a few. Not knowing that I was Celiac at the time, but still having many other food sensitivites related to bad vaccine reactions as an infant, most candy, certainly anything brightly colored, or containing high-fructose anything, was out. Commercial sweets and candies were really not something I was used to anyway; the gluey smell of artificial color and sugar actually made me sort of sick. Instead, for years around Halloween, my Mom would find, or make, healthy alternatives for sweet treats available, so neither I, nor my friends would feel we were missing out in any way. And none of us did, in fact I don’t think anyone even thought about the fact that they weren’t eating “real” M&M’s. Instead, it was more about having fun with friends. Continue reading

Gluten Intolerance Linked to Viral Infections?

Came across this fascinating article on a twitter link and just wanted to share it with all of you. The Science Daily published this article on March 7, 2010 citing a possible connection between viral infections, the immune system and the onset of gluten intolerance. Read the complete article at the following link:

What are your thoughts on this?

The Critical Role of Wheat in Human Disease

Dr. Mercola has written a  really informative article on the dilemma of wheat in our diets. He describes in great detail the many dangers of gluten in today’s world, especially if you are celiac. In the article he states, that modern forms of wheat have been tampered with greatly over time in the supposed effort to create a more protein-rich grain. The resulting consequences of the ensuing genetic manipulation have turned into a true nightmare for many people. It becomes evident that today’s wheat varieties no longer contain the nutritional values of those grown a few generations ago. We have provided a link to the article below. Dr. Mercola also offers a free newsletter, which you can subscribe to at

via The Critical Role of Wheat in Human Disease.