Remembering Simba: A Special Dog

Remembering Simba: A Special Dog -Simba with his friend Valentine

Every now and then, we are truly blessed with the opportunity to share our lives with a special soul, in this case a very special dog – our dog Simba.

Simba came to us 12 years ago as a 7-month old puppy, extremely dehydrated, his skin felt  like shoe leather, no doubt being lost in the desert for some time. He did not come alone, but brought his best friend Sierra (who passed away last May). We searched over a period of many months via local newspaper ads, registration with the Humane Society, Animal Welfare Department, etc., for their family. But nobody ever came forward and asked about them. Unfortunately, this happens to be an everyday scenario here in the high desert of New Mexico. People just allow their dogs to breed and the unwanted offspring are just discarded in the desert (?!) (even though there are many excellent spay/neuter programs in place, some free, some for a very low fee). Needless to say, these dogs became integral parts of our family, loved and cherished. Our first dog Sheba loved them instantly, and their presence made her feel safe, when asked to stay at home. This was a great gift to us and made our lives so much easier.

However, Simba was not always the easiest of dogs to live with. He was a mixed breed dog, and it was everyone’s guess what predominated at any given time. He was mostly Tibetan Mastiff, with some Golden Retriever and Chow thrown in for good measure. Continue reading


Sierra - Sierra, Hu and Simba, Best Friends, copyright 2010,, All rights reserved

Considering the fact that we have always been posting at least once every week since the start of this blog last year, all of you faithful readers are probably wondering where we have been over the past couple of weeks.

Last month we mentioned in a post, that our dog Sierra had suffered a heart attack, but that she seemed to be recovering and doing well. In the early hours of last Sunday morning, May 2, around midnight, Sierra’s amazing will and courageous heart finally gave out, and she died surrounded by love. Continue reading

Dowd and Rogers Gluten free Dark Vanilla Cake

Dowd and Rogers gluten free dark vanilla cake

One of our beloved dogs had a heart attack a couple of weeks ago. Happy to report, that she survived. On our last follow up visit with our vet, we learned that she has a heart murmur and requires extra supplements and a lot more rest, but he was hopeful that she could make a good recovery. Considering that she is a large dog and 12 years old, she is doing rather well. Continue reading