Mochi – Japanese Food Culture – Finale

Mochi - Japanese Food Culture

Studying Japanese food culture has been a fascinating and enlightening adventure. We loved the more healthy aspects of the food choices offered and the overall ease of  including it as part of our gluten free diet. With just a few minor adjustments and/or elimination of certain foods, such as condiments, sauces, and the gluten containing pasta,  everything is just about perfect if you are gluten intolerant or celiac.

In our research, a particular book captured our interest. It is written by Naomi Moriyama and William Doyle, entitled “Japanese Women Don’t Get Old or Fat – Secrets of My Mother’s Tokyo Kitchen.” Continue reading


Review of Against the Grain Baguettes

Review of Against the Grain Baguettes

Several years ago,  after much searching, I was finally diagnosed with celiac disease. My first thought was, no problem, I can leave out regular bread, and anything else with gluten; that’s not so hard. No more bagels, fine. No more walking past the Whole Foods bread counter when they just put out the freshly baked loaves, and the entire place smells like warm bread. This one was harder, much harder, but still okay. It didn’t really hit home. Continue reading

Trader Joe’s says ‘Bonjour’ to Macarons

Trader Joe says Bonjour to Macarons - Gluten Free

Perhaps you have already discovered Trader Joe’s latest addition to its dessert offerings. Admittedly, it has been a very long time since either of us has consumed any commercially prepared baked goods, especially ones that are not certified gluten free. We can also not vouch for its 100% gluten free status in the sense that there might be some cross-contamination risk due to shared equipment. Trader Joe’s itself has designated them to be gluten free and after checking the ingredients, we definitely concur. Continue reading