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A Celebration of Gluten Free Baking, by Inge Harris and Gillian Harris




Our book “A Celebration of Gluten Free Baking” was published in December, 2009 and is available for purchase on Amazon here.  After switching to a  strictly gluten free diet  in 2007, our family in Germany had great difficulty accepting this idea.  Having just lost our father/grandfather who suffered from life long health challenges, many of which were clearly dietary in origin, we wanted to find a way to make it easier for the rest of the family to embrace eating their favorite foods, but in a healthier way.  This was our motivating force for doing something we never thought, in a million years, we would ever do; write a cookbook.  Personally, food for us holds more the position of “eat to live”, not “live to eat.”  Yet, we recognize that not everybody feels this way, especially considering the highly addictive qualities  of white sugar and gluten based breads and desserts.

When we began to study the true health implications gluten presents to anyone with celiac disease, or even just a severe allergy to gluten, going without was a ‘no brainer.’ This scenario led us into converting all of our family’s favorite  recipes into gluten free, corn free, white sugar free, and many dairy free options. This turned out to be a true labor of love.  It took us well over a year to test and perfect all the recipes. It also  resulted in the early demise of quite a few of our kitchen appliances.

Despite our many failures  along the way – bread that just collapsed and wouldn’t rise, desserts that just didn’t have the familiar taste, or just plain crumbled – our many successes became the foundation for our book. We have provided recipes for many European desserts, pies, cakes, cookies, bread as well as some holiday creations.

None of our recipes contain bean flours, corn starch or flour, regular milk or white sugar.

Despite our best efforts, we sadly had to convert all of our pictures to black and white images, in order to meet the publisher’s requirements at the time.

If you wish to order this book, it is available in both print and e-book version, through Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Lulu and iTunes.





At the end of 2011 we released, what was meant to be a holiday e-book, “In Celebration of the Season: Simple, Creative Ideas for Beautiful Gluten Free Holidays All Through the Year” and which has turned out to be so much more. It is currently available in an exclusive e-book format through iTunes.




2 thoughts on “Our Books

  1. Wonderful! I am so glad that you posted this page. How wonderful that you have accomplished this. I love the photos here, too!

    I am very much sincerely hoping that the troubles I have been having are due to gluten intolerance being at the root. I know right now, intolerances in addition to gluten are getting the better of me, but I do so hope that I can one day *just* be gluten-free and that will be all! Here’s to hoping so!

    In the meantime, I want to encourage those who have come here that just avoiding gluten alone is possible, there are *great* substitutes, and I hope that they will get your cookbook. I love what recipes you have posted on the site, and I admire your dedication to coming up with great gluten-free food.

    Thank you for your hard work and I hope for the success of this book!

  2. I have just ordered your book! (the first one). Terry was diagnosed 4 years ago, then one of our daughters and one of our granddaughters, with Celics Disease. Our son and our other daughter are ‘just’ gluten intolerant. I’m always on the look out for good cookbooks, so getting yours will be a really nice addition to my small collection.

    Next I want to do your e-book.


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