Dowd and Rogers Gluten free Dark Vanilla Cake

Dowd and Rogers gluten free dark vanilla cake

One of our beloved dogs had a heart attack a couple of weeks ago. Happy to report, that she survived. On our last follow up visit with our vet, we learned that she has a heart murmur and requires extra supplements and a lot more rest, but he was hopeful that she could make a good recovery. Considering that she is a large dog and 12 years old, she is doing rather well. Continue reading

Chestnut Flour Crepes

Chestnut Flour Crepes

Crepes are very popular throughout France, but are also loved in many other parts of the world.  The word ‘crepe‘ is French for pancake,  and originates from the Latin word “crispus,” meaning crisp. In France they were originally called galettes crepes, meaning flat cakes.

Chestnut Flour Crepes - Crepes by David Monnieaux

The traditional ingredients include flour, eggs, milk, butter and a pinch of salt. For those of you that have traveled to France, and Paris in particular, you, no doubt, noticed the presence of Creperie stands throughout your travels, and were invited to try these irresistible treats at one point or another. Continue reading

Scottish Scones with Chestnut Flour

Scottish Scones with Chestnut Flour

Today we wanted to share a little information about the history, nutrition and other interesting facts about chestnut trees, prior to giving you our latest recipe using this exquisite and delicate flour.

There are many different species of the chestnut tree. The trees that most of our current edible chestnuts come from are the Sweet Chestnut, or Castanea sativa, a European variety, as well as the American Chestnut, Castanea dentata, the most familiar American species. Continue reading