Coconut Milk with Chia Seeds

Coconut Milk with Chia Seeds

Chia seeds have been a welcome addition to some of our morning breakfasts for a long time now. One of our favorite ways to prepare them is using coconut milk, or fresh almond milk. We were first introduced to the almond milk version in a raw food, gluten free and vegetarian  restaurant in Seattle called Thrive. Check out their website here.

Chia seeds, botanically known as “salvia hispanica,” are a member of the mint family. Continue reading

Review of Nuchia Chia Seed Flour

Review of Nuchia Chia Seed Flour - Chia Seeds

Chia (salvia hispanica) is a plant of the genus Salvia and is native to Mexico. Its history goes back to the Aztecs in pre-Columbian times and its value was so great that it was given as an annual tribute by the people to the rulers. Today it is still widely used throughout Mexico and South America. Its seeds are ground and used in nutritious drinks and as a food source in general. Continue reading