Curried Vegetable Medley

Curried Vegetable Medley

Owing to the fact that we have not posted anything for Meatless Monday movement in a while, we thought it would be nice to provide a quick recipe inspiration, something that is fast, easy, and has several different delicious ways of serving it.  Meatless Monday is encouraging everyone to exclude meat on at least one day of the week (Monday). We think this is fantastic and very easy for most people to follow. It is one small step you can take towards going green, becoming healthier, as well as helping the environment, all while exploring the many different delicious meat free dishes out there. Check out Meatless Monday’s website and let yourself be inspired by the many recipes contributed by participating food bloggers. Continue reading

Vegetarian Sweet Potato Curry

Vegetarian Sweet Potato Curry

Well, another cold and snowy Monday here in the Southwest. Time for a warming and spicy meal (LoL).  We made this curry last week, during yet another cold and bone-chilling day. As some of you already know, we lived for many years in the Pacific Northwest and grew quite fond of Indian food. Who can blame us – let’s face it, it gets gray and gloomy quite a bit in the Northwest and as a result you can find quite a lot of Indian restaurants, only to be outdone by yet another Northwest  favorite – OMG. . . Starbucks!  😉

This curry is quite warming and spicy and the sweet potatoes absorb the spices beautifully. Wait for the delicious aroma filling your home. Continue reading