A Visitor in our Garden


A Visitor in our Garden - Snake

Just after I finished watering the garden this morning, a visitor appeared, and I just thought you might enjoy seeing it. In case you are wondering what kind of snake this is, it turns out to be a harmless gopher snake (at least harmless to humans). It quickly disappeared behind the straw bales (yikes), still warming our garden bed. I’ll definitely be very careful tomorrow when approaching the garden.

A Visitor in our Garden - Snake

In my attempt to capture an image of the snake, there was no time to switch to a different lens. These photos were taken with a fixed 50mm f/1.8. No photoshop, or cropping, just straight out of the camera.

Wish me luck, let’s hope the snake likes me.


Who ate the tomatoes?

Who Ate the Tomatoes? - Horn Worm

We checked on our garden this morning looking forward to checking on the progress of our ever increasing vegetable crop only to find, ughhhhh!!!! there is a monster lurking in our midst! What on earth defoliated some of the tomatoes?? Big chunks have been eaten out of the green fruit! We looked and looked and couldn’t see it, until literally coming face to face with it.

Major freak out moment as you can imagine! What is that thing? In all our past endeavors with gardening, we had been spared such an encounter. Continue reading

Mystery Plant: The Story Continues. . .


Mystery Plant: The Story Continues - Mango Seedling

Amidst the gargantuan feat of watering our property (we live on an acre of land here in New Mexico), I unluckily fell and smashed my wrist on a pesky rock which just happened to be out of place where it didn’t belong. OUCH!!!!:( Not an easy fix, as you can imagine. It required surgery to put humpty back together again. But with with the technical brilliance of an outstanding surgeon, who luckily found all the pieces, I will be as good as new before you know it — with the addition of new bionic enhancements in my wrist 😉 But no insurance coverage for any of it, double ouch!!! Continue reading