Bakery on Main Product Review

Bakery on Main

A few weeks ago, when shopping at our local Vitamin Cottage, we were passing through the cereal isle, and came across something wonderful; a brand new gluten free granola from Bakery on Main. Life sometimes offers some interesting coincidences, as though our thoughts were picked up by the universe, and caught by someone at Bakery on Main. Anyway, they contacted us a short time later about writing an independent product review. Of course, we had to say yes. They forwarded us a few samples of their delicious products, which included: two Fiber Power Granola samples (triple berry granola, and cinnamon raisin granola), Continue reading

Shabtai Bakery Product Review

Shabtai Bakery Product Review - Shabtai Sampler Plate

Look what came in the mail last week.

A few weeks ago, the wonderful people at Shabtai Bakery approached us with the request to review their gluten free products. After checking out their website and seeing their delicious desserts, we agreed to do an independent review. Who doesn’t love dessert? What excited us about this bakery, however, is the fact that they provide not only gluten and dairy free baked goods, but all of their products are peanut, casein, lactose, corn, soy and preservative free as well. Everything is also prepared in a certified gluten free and kosher facility.

The bakery is named after Shabtai, the owner of the company, who learned the art of baking from his father, and has been honing his craft for over 30 years. His mission is to provide the finest quality baked goods that are free of most allergens, yet provide a familiar culinary experience, one that many in the gluten free community have given up on ever experiencing again.

In reviewing a product, we always look to test any gluten free products on members of the regular ‘gluten eating world’ as well, just to invite a more objective comparison against regularĀ fare. Continue reading

Betty Crocker Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix Product Review

Betty Crocker Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix Product Revew

Not long ago, we came across the Betty Crocker gluten free baking mixes in our local grocery store. Usually, most boxed baking mixes are something which I tend to completely ignore, filled with too many sugars, over processed starches, and lots of other bad ingredients. Not to mention the fact that most of them are not gluten free. To be fair, there are many companies on the market today that are slowly trying to break this stereo type. In fact, many of the largest manufacturers, brands like General Mills, King Arthur Flour, and Betty Crocker, are even coming around to the idea of adding gluten free alternatives to many of their most popular product lines. Continue reading