Everyone has a wish list. Be it written on paper, or only a vague dream in the back of your mind, I think everyone has that secret  list of “if I could do anything, I would. . .” Places they dream of visiting, things they would love to do. And not just the silly intangibles, like winning the lottery, or meeting a movie star (not that I would turn down either one of those), but the things that could actually happen if one were to try hard enough. One of mine, along with perfecting a foreign language and finishing a novel, has been, wait for it, to visit Ireland. Continue reading

Apple Cranberry Stuffing

Apple-Cranberry Stuffing

For many people, including myself, stuffing, or dressing as it is sometimes called, is one of the highlights of any holiday meal. Countless recipes exist offering different variations of this classic dish; some with vegetables, others with fruit, some relatively plain with only dried bread and spices, others rather elaborate with such things as sausage, meat and oysters. My favorite has always tended to be somewhere in the middle, simple but flavorful, heavier on herbs and spices, than sugar or fat. Continue reading

Our Favorite Cranberry Sauce


Our Favorite Cranberry SauceThroughout North America, cranberries are a familiar staple on most Thanksgiving, or Christmas dinner tables. Everyone naturally has their own favorite recipe and preference as to how to prepare them. Some just like to keep it simple and buy it ready made in the form of jelly, or preserves. But many of us still prefer to make it using fresh cranberries. We love their beautiful vibrant red color, which the fruit only develops late in the Fall, when fully ripe. Continue reading