Mystery Plant: The Story Continues. . .


Mystery Plant: The Story Continues - Mango Seedling

Amidst the gargantuan feat of watering our property (we live on an acre of land here in New Mexico), I unluckily fell and smashed my wrist on a pesky rock which just happened to be out of place where it didn’t belong. OUCH!!!!:( Not an easy fix, as you can imagine. It required surgery to put humpty back together again. But with with the technical brilliance of an outstanding surgeon, who luckily found all the pieces, I will be as good as new before you know it — with the addition of new bionic enhancements in my wrist ūüėČ But no insurance coverage for any of it, double ouch!!! Continue reading

Mystery Plant?

Mystery Plant

Lately it has been rather difficult to post due to the immense heat (in the mid to upper 90’s). Our computers have been literally smoking, and to top it all off, we have been without reliable internet access for the past week, due to yet another internal glitch on the side of our internet provider. Every day we hear yet another story – we lost power to the server, we are unsure as to exactly what the problem is, we are waiting for the correct part, to finally – we are upgrading….!? ¬†Wonder what their story will be tomorrow?!? We are hopeful that they can resolve their problems very soon.

Due to the many fires in the vicinity and the immense smoke permeating through the area, we have been unable to run our trusted swamp cooler, as that would drive the smoke even further into the house. The test kitchen has been placed on hold, because, quite frankly, turning on the stove or oven with already excessive temperatures in the house, doesn’t sound promising. Raw food is the only solution and much healthier as well.

As you might have already guessed from previous posts, mangoes are one of our favorite fruits. Continue reading

Welcoming Spring with a¬†Delicious Mango Smoothie

Welcoming Spring with a Delicious Mango Smoothie - Daffodils

Be like a flower and turn your face to the sun.

 Kahlil Gibran

In the High Desert of New Mexico, after a long cold winter, everyone longs for Spring. What a welcome sight. Trees blooming, the first flowers bravely emerging from the desert floor, birds building their homes. Even with all the wind, nature follows its own plan. This season has inspired poets to be reinspired and to pen their thoughts.

We wanted to welcome Spring with a delicious smoothie recipe and share some of the delights found in our garden, accompanied by some favorite poems. Continue reading