Shepherd’s Pie


Shepherd's Pie

Having family from Europe, European food undoubtedly plays a huge role in many of the meals we make and convert to gluten free, most of which started out as some version of an old family recipe. Up until now, we generally have not gravitated towards making a lot of what could be considered ‘typically British food’ because quite a bit of it is very heavy on the meat, and the way we generally like to eat has a fairly light emphasis on this. However, not to play food history favorites (LOL), we want to include recipes from as many different places as possible. Having made shepherd’s pie many years ago, but not completely gluten free, and having family from England, we decided that this would definitely be a fun recipe to update and re-explore. But, there are so many different versions — nearly each country throughout Europe, Canada, the U.S, South America, and the Middle East, seems to have it’s own variations. There seem to be just so many different names and histories for this dish!  Where did it originate?  Where to begin?  Well, first, we have to go back a little ways on the food history timeline. Continue reading