Summertime Apple Pie Muffins

Summertime Apple Pie Muffins - Apple Orchard

Even though Summer does not officially begin until later in June,  after a cold wet Spring everyone is ready to embrace the warmer temperatures. Day by day, the weather is steadily getting warmer (here in NM it is already very hot), schools are letting out, and people are outside gardening and grilling, getting ready to enjoy the long lazy afternoons ahead, lounging in the shade with a glass of lemonade, a good book, and dessert.

Muffins and cupcakes are the sort of recipe that pretty much anyone can make.  They are simple and easily adapted to include whatever ingredients you happen to have on hand. The idea for an apple pie variation was a natural one, considering that apple pie is just one of those desserts that nearly everyone enjoys; how could you not? Continue reading