How Sustainable is your Seafood?

How Sustainable Is Your Seafood? - Marine Stewardship Council

The Blue Ocean Institute, founded by president Carl Safina, offers a truly informative¬† website, giving you insight into anything related to our oceans and the life within it. Carl Safina encourages good stewardship and the implementation of sustainability practices involving our fisheries. If you enjoy reading about this subject matter in general, you might want to read Carl Safina’s books ‘Song for the Ocean Blue,’ Voyage of the Turtle,’ ‘Eye of the Albatross,’ as well as several others – all of which can be found at this site. Please note, that we do not derive any financial benefits for suggesting these books. They are exceptional and can surely be found in most library systems as well. Both Blue Ocean’s and Carl Safina’s websites provide a seafood list, which can help guide you to the best consumer options available, as well as answer any of your most frequently asked questions regarding seafood.

While we are on the topic of our oceans, you might be interested in  watching an interview with Carl Safina, in which he addresses our current nightmare in the Gulf of Mexico, and warns that the ecological fallout from the spill may be felt across much of the world. You can find the link to this PBS interview here. A lengthier interview on Democracy Now can be viewed here. Just wanted to provide these links to learn some interesting facts, some of which you may already know, and some could change the way you view the world around you. Continue reading